3 Reasons To Skip The Online Platform And Hire A Real Estate Agent

When you are searching for the perfect new house, you might stumble across a few state-of-the-art home shopping websites designed to help you to find the right home without working with a real estate agent. While these platforms can be tempting, the fact of the matter is that buyers typically don't pay a lot of fees anyways, since seller's agents usually foot the bill for the buyer's agent fees. Here are three other reasons you should work with a real estate agent when you're shopping for a single-family home. [Read More]

Shopping For A Townhouse? 3 Things To Pay Attention To

If you want to purchase your own home, but you aren't quite ready for a large piece of property and the accompanying significant mortgage, you may be interested in investing in a townhouse. When you invest in a townhouse, you own the land the home is situated on, as opposed to condo ownership, where you only own the space inside the property. Here are three simple things to pay attention to when you purchase a townhouse, and why. [Read More]

Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Real Estate Agent For Your First Home Purchase

Buying your first home is such a milestone experience. But before you start seriously shopping and actually touring homes, you'll need to find a realtor. No one realtor is the right choice for everyone. It's all about finding someone whose services and personality suit your unique needs. For this reason, it's a good idea to interview a few different realtors before choosing one to represent you. Here are some important questions to ask during this process. [Read More]

Tips To Help You Find A House To Fit Your Finances And Your Needs

When you have prepared and saved for years to purchase your dream home, you don't want to miss a detail in the select process that can ruin your chances with home-buying success. The home you buy will need to be in good condition and stay within your budget, even when it comes to deferred maintenance and surprise repairs. Here are some tips to help you find a house that fits with your needs without breaking your budget. [Read More]